“This Is Holland”

Waiting for the ferry to:
“This is Holland”

Hey ya:-) I just came back to Israel from my 2 1/2 week trip to my motherland Holland. It was great being home again!!! We experienced so many things which we will share with you. One of the highlights was the fairly new “THIS IS HOLLAND – the ultimate flight experience”. It’s basically a huge flight simulator which takes 20 people seated in two big chairlifts “soaring” through the Dutch skies while looking down on interesting and famous places and sites. The high quality screen, all around you while you are hanging in midair in a big sphere, including added movement, water drops and scent, grants the experience of actual flight. It is an amazing experience, a new highlight in Amsterdam: we whole-heartedly recommend it!

See  link underneath for more information about prices etc. (In Dutch, German and English)
(Minimum body length requirement is 1.20 mtrs., accessible for handicapped people)


At Amsterdam Central Station, follow the signs to the IJ side (IJ-zijde). When you reach the river IJ, turn left and walk to the free ferry (the sign next to the two ferries reads:  “Buiksloterweg”), which will take you across the river IJ within 3 minutes. After you get off the ferry, turn left and walk (two minutes only!) to THIS IS HOLLAND.
After the experience, you can take the ferry back towards Central Station and leave the train station on the other side to proceed towards Dam Square and other popular sites in the city centre.

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