The Boy, the Finger and the Dyke

The power of nature; pictures of one of Holland’s disastrous floods

This Delta Park is situated about 100 km. south of Rotterdam in the province of Zeeland.

More of half of the Netherlands lies below sea level.  In order to keep the Dutch people save the Delta Plan was created.  At Neeltje Jans you can see the movies, but also see the real thing. You can have a look at the 45 meter wide steel doors, they let the tides rush through.

But…there is more…. seal shows, an aquarium. You might like to to get blown away in the hurricane simulator (windforce 12) There is a water playground, Aquasplash.

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Petra and the Oysters in Zeeland


Petra and the Oyster face to face :-O

At the extra cost of 4 euros you can go on a one hour boat trip

Very close to the Delta Park you will find a fish restaurant, it is very basic with wooden tables outside, but it offers excellent sea food straight from the sea. (not in English, but the pictures explain everything:-))


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