The Bunny and the Egg

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I have a burning question for you: Have you booked your flight to Holland in April yet? Let us tell you why you should…it’s not yet too late to order


Truly, this is the best season for a quick getaway to the Lowlands, and we’ll tell you why: winter is officially over. Nature has woken up early this year and is starting to show off all of its splendor. Bulbs are blooming (visit: Keukenhof!), trees are getting green again and buds are opening. A little bit of rain, then some sun, temperatures are comfortable for sightseeing. With just a little bit of luck, you’ll get more sunny days than cloudy ones. Adventure parks are open, and lines are not long like in summer. Ah, and there is a holiday coming up, so lots of extra special events. Finally, unlike in the summer, prices of flight tickets are still ranging between cheap and affordable…quite a few reasons to fly to the Netherlands I would say

Birds are nesting, Trees and Flowers are beginning to blossom, Butterflies are fluttering about chasing each other
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It’s almost Easter, and Holland is celebrating: yet another good reason for booking that flight

Aglais io, the Peacock Butterfly, typically awakes early in spring
“Easter Fires”

Easter, or “Pasen” as the holiday is called in Holland, is considered a Christian holiday, like most holidays celebrated in Holland and in the rest of Europe. Religious Christians celebrate the holiday according to their beliefs and religious traditions, while most of the Dutch population, secular as they are, may be mainly concerned with just relaxing during their, undoubtedly, well deserved, long weekend

Besides the obvious Christian background, the holiday also has characteristics, often very locally, which stem from much older traditions. An example of such are the Easter Fires, a reminiscent of Gothic Europe. In Holland, these huge fires are lit in a few areas in the northeastern, central eastern and south eastern parts of the country only. Oh, and the bigger the fire, the better

Easter in an nut egg shell

  • Holiday dates: 21-22.4.2019
  • What is celebrated: Christians commemorate death and resurrection of Jesus
  • Easter is considered the most important holiday in Christianity
  • Thorough cleaning of the house. This used to be taken VERY seriously in the past…days on end of ruthless cleaning…’till one dropped. Today people tend to take it a whole lot easier
  • Eating “Matse bread” (without yeast): commemorating the Jewish Exodus from Egypt
  • Painting and eating of eggs: the egg from which the chick emerges, symbolises Jesus emerging from the burial cave. The egg has been a central theme since the 4th century AD. Wealthy landlords’ wives would go around their farming workers and present them with eggs after the harsh, long winter. At the time eggs were costly, especially to poor farmers, something that is hard to imagine today. Besides their religious, symbolic meaning, the eggs were given as a token of appreciation and to help the farmers gain strength towards the beginning season
  • Images of bunnies and chicks. Apparently, the image of “the bunny” comes from a Gothic (Germanic) mythological story: one time, the Goddess of Spring and Fertility, Eostra (Easter), came late to bring springtime to Earth, and as a result, a bird had almost died of cold, and its wings had become lame. The goddess therefore turned the bird into a rabbit, so it could go on living a normal life. Cleverly thought of, right? Wouldn’t you have done the same
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  • Consumerism

  • Like Christmas, although more modestly, Easter also feasts on the consumer’s wallet. Shops display a multitude of mouth-watering chocolate eggs and bunnies for the present-hunting consumer. Also, flower bunches and arrangements are hot items during Easter. Many Easter bouquets include fanciful willow branches. Very often, the egg/bunny/chick theme is present in these arrangements too, so if you buy or receive flowers during Easter, you will
  • be reminded what the season is

  • Easter in Holland

  • On April 22nd, several flower parades (in Dutch: “Bloemen Corso“) will take place in Holland. One of them is considered the “official” parade. It is by far the biggest and the most famous one. Themed wagons and trailers, consisting of huge constructions covered in millions of colourful flowers, make their way along a route in the agricultural flower bulb area, for all to see. How does that saying go again…When in Rome, act like a Roman

“When in Holland, go see a flower parade”

  • Concert

  • During the holiday, in most major cities, the Matheus Passion concert is performed. The concert was written by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1727. Women’s voices are central in this concert. The concert is based on the biblical story of Jesus’ s crucifixion, death and resurrection. Click for tickets in Amsterdam
  • Paas-Pop

  • Not everyone is into classical music. Luckily for electronic/pop music lovers, there is a great festival taking place from 19-21.4. Lots and lots of international performers and bands on several stages
    Check out what’s happening at Paas-Pop here
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King’s Day 27.4

This day has nothing to do with Easter, but it is celebrated less than a week after the holiday, so you could combine it with your spring visit to Holland😊 After a few generations of queens, Holland currently has a king. His first name is Willem-Alexander (see picture above). Every year on his birthday, the king visits a city or town, accompanied by his wife and three daughters. He celebrates his birthday together with the whole city, and people come from all parts of the country to join in in the festivities. The city that is chosen to host the royals and all the crowds, plans a full day of events and parties. The Royal family is first greeted by the city’s representatives and then walks for a couple of hours through the city, shaking hands and talking to people in the crowd. With a bit of luck you may get a royal handshake and exchange a few words with the king, queen or princesses! While the royals are walking and talking, they are introduced to displays of technological, social and artistic projects and endeavours of the city. There are also games, fairs, street – and music shows. Pubs and restaurants usually serve special dishes. You will see orange banners and flags everywhere, (the Royal Family’s last name is “Van Oranje” – as in orange) as well as the Dutch red-white-blue flag. This year, the city hosting the king and his family, is Amersfoort, smack in the centre of Holland, not far from Amsterdam. Here’s a little video of last year’s King’s Day to get you into the mood


Well, this is it for now from us, Petra and Jennifer. We hope you’ll like our tips for April in Holland. If you have any questions or if you would like more tips for your trip, you know where to find us

Wherever you travel; have a great trip