Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What a great song by: the Clash! 

So, yeah, this post is about stay (or go:-)) as you might have guessed from listening to the Clash:-) Holland has plenty of options when it comes to accommodation, and some of them are amazingly special! For those who are in search of something completely different than a “regular” hotel room,  any of the following examples of “out-of-the-box accommodation” may just be the thing…

1. Cabin-boats

Accommodation that floats on water…you and your family, sailing wherever you choose…An exciting, yet very relaxing experience in beautiful Dutch nature reserves! You can rent a “blokhut-boot” (a “cabin-boat”) at three different locations in Holland:  Heerewaarden, Waspik (very close to one of Holland’s best attraction parks; “De Efteling“) and along the river “de Linge” in the same area. These boats run on diesel. They are very economical and meet the most stringent environmental requirements (which allows sailing in nature reserves).

To rent a cabin-boat, check: 

You can rent a boat for a midweek, a weekend of a week. We advise you to plan this well ahead of time, because these boats are very popular and the rental schedule fills up quickly. Prices are published on the website.

2. Beach bungalows

Do you prefer sand between your toes and the sound of seagulls over the braking waves?  Then beach bungalows are the thing for you! Holland has a coastal line of in total 523 km.  Most of the coastal line faces the North Sea and has beautiful dunes. Some of it faces the Western Schelde in the South, and some faces the the Wadden Sea up North (The Wadden Sea  is a shallow part of the North Sea situated between the main land and the bow of little islands, north of the main land. Note: this sea becomes completely dry during low-tide – a unique phenomenon which we will write about more in a future post!) Whichever beach tickles your fancy, South, West, North… all Dutch beaches are beautiful, clean and in many places very wide. Differences between high – and low tide can be substantial contrary to the small differences in tides of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

For beach bungalows, check: להשכרת צימרים על הים הקליקו על הלינק


3. Tree huts

Or…do you  prefer to spend your holiday in a forest, above the ground, in a tree hut? Holland has many forests and an extensive variety of tree types. Some of these forests are very old.

Check these two tree huts:

treehut “the owl”

treehut “the crow’s nest”

These two tree huts are in the North of Holland. (the name of the province is Friesland, see map “north” from one of our previous posts.

These are just a few ideas, but……there is much more to choose from! What about sleeping in a windmill? Or a lighthouse? Check out many more exciting places on:

Unique places to stay holland

Have fun!!

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